CURLFEST 2015: The Ultimate Summer Picnic

Hey naturals theres an amazing event coming to brooklyn called CURLFEST: The Ultimate Summer Picnic. I haven’t gone to one of these in a long time…my boyfriend stumbled upon this and decided to share this information with me. I am definetly going for sure. This event is presented to you by Curly Girl Collective, a united body of natural women, who strives to create innovative experiences that foster acceptance and celebration of curls, kinks and everything in between. If your in the NYC area or just visiting from out of town I encourage all naturals to come thru and enjoy this event…I think it will be a whole lot fun to be amongst other naturals sharing hair tips, fashion, styles and other cool stuff so come check it out. Hope to see you there…Cheers

Sunday, June 28th, 2015 – 1pm – 6pm
Brooklyn, NY

You can follow them on Facebook for anymore information:

Protective Hairstyle: African Hair Threading

Hair threading is a great protective style to have, It is quite common in Nigeria. It involves wrapping thread (black chinese thread) around your hair and it is often used to create sculptural styles. But check out this video of how it’s done.

Crwon 061

Crwon 078




Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.27.09 PM




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