3 Year Anniversary Since My Big Chop

Hi Guys, im back to tell you its been 3 years since I did the big chop in February 2012. You can see there has been some significant growth huh…oh yea uh huh lol. All through the winter until now i have been wearing wigs as protecting styling. (I will do a post soon on my wig collections) I will make sure my hair is neatly cornrowed round like a target before i where my wigs and under the wigs i also make sure that my hair is moisturized with oils and shea butter. But enough said check out how my hair has grew over the years.

chop4chop120150131_16162520150131_164705 20150131_164829 20150409_205207 20150409_210138

2 responses to “3 Year Anniversary Since My Big Chop

  1. You’ve made lovely progress, so much length retained! Indeed hair does grow, retaining length is another matter entirely.

    My google search for “African Hair threading” brought me to your lovely blog 🙂 .

    I recently got my hair threaded (pic is on my blog), it’s the best protective style that I have ever done, and very easy to manage too.

    • I just went to your blog and I love love love the hair style…yea my hair has been through its ups and downs, but I can’t give up right lol. I did threading when I was back home in Nigeria and it make my hair grow tho…I was at a threading moment so I figured let me blog this

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