2013 ING New York City Marathon


The 2013 ING Marathon took place this past weekend. It’s the  43rd running of the ING New York City Marathon five-borough race. Runners came from around the world to run this 26.2 miles race across the city. The race paid tribute to the victims and heroes of Sandy, and to those affected by April’s Boston Marathon bombings.

I am very honored to be writing this post because my dear dear friend Cy was in the race. I admire her strength and bravery, she trained  and trained for about 4 weeks and at the same time she was a nervous wreck because she was thinking to herself like how the hell am i going to run and finish this race. Lord and behold she made it and she was able to receive a medal in record time. Everyone from family, friends, neighbors, was out there cheering her on. Congrats Cy and we all Salute you for making it through this race in good health, even though it wasn’t easy. I know your father was smiling down on you that day…Well done Cy 🙂

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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