Song of the day – GWETA


This Togolese music group,Toofan, has grown from that tiny country to conquer the rest of Africa with the Ogbragada genre. Obragada, is a very popular style in French speaking Africa. It’s a mixture of indigenous music, hip hop, funk, reggae, R&B ,rap,and even comedy. In the Mina language of Togo it means, I’m fine.

Toofan is made up of two young artists: A. Mensah Blaise aka Fantohou Barabas and K. Just aka Master Form. The group maybe second to P-Square in Africa but in French Africa, they are on top! They are new school and have gone super popular in their 8 years of existence. The dance ‘Gweta’ comes with who they are – inventors – new school artists with a new vibe. Enjoy the music 🙂

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