Heat-Free Hair Movement


Hey ladys, so check this out it’s winter and it’s time for some protective styles. I stumbled upon a fellow natural Kemi and soon to be a Historian who told me about Heat-Free Hair Movement who was founded by Ngozi Opara who owns a natural hair studio in Washington, D.C. called NZO Hair Studios that specializes in hair weaves, extensions  and other protective styles.

What is Heat-Free Hair Movement? Heat-Free Hair is a movement that encourages women to embrace protective styling in the form of weaves and extensions because of the benefits it provides.

They provide best quality hair to blend with your natural tresses that are 100% pure virgin hair with their cuticles fully intact, free of any chemical processing or coating. The collection of hair comes in three hair types, Kinks (4B-4C texture), Kurls (3C-4A texture), and Koils (3B texture).  It’s soft and lightweight with extreme bounce and versatility. All three hair types come in different lenght’s from 12″ to 24″ with the starting price of $139 to $219. You can wash, color, style, etc. Each bundle has been cared for by our natural hair specialists to ensure its quality, and comes with their own unique detailed care instructions to help you maintain the integrity of the hair and achieve maximum style results! For more info and video’s check them out here at Heat-Free Hair Movement. I know this winter i will be sporting some heat-free hair movement 🙂


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