Protective Hairstyle: African Hair Threading

Hair threading is a great protective style to have, It is quite common in Nigeria. It involves wrapping thread (black chinese thread) around your hair and it is often used to create sculptural styles. But check out this video of how it’s done.

Crwon 061

Crwon 078




Screen shot 2013-08-07 at 9.27.09 PM




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9 responses to “Protective Hairstyle: African Hair Threading

  1. This is a very interesting way to stretch the hair and I’ve seen a few other YT vloggers attempt this. I’m thinking about trying it myself lol 🙂 Have you thought about it or tried it before?

  2. That threading Mohawk is to die for! I am so trying it out. Recently gone back to threading as a protective style after 8 years, sad how it is dying style here in southern Africa.

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