My First Tattoo!





This design i created took me 7yrs to conceptualize, illustrate, revise, revise some more, took a break from it, revise it again and vola!!! the design has come to life lol. This wonderful design was tatted by Shaun Parker, you can check him out on his instagram page and if your in brooklyn on 118 Ralph Ave you should pay him a visit and see what he’s up to.

9 responses to “My First Tattoo!

  1. Wow! I love it! its gorgeous especially in terms of the actually design. I myself have an idea for my first tattoo but i want it designed some special way. I’ve done tons for draw ups but no luck as of yet. I’ll have to post it and get some feedback.

    • Thank u lol, that design u saw there was first a Japanese anime character then for a couple of years I was like I want to get a tattoo but I wanted to do design that represents who I am which is all about african culture. I’m originally from Nigeria…what do you do as an artists?

      • I draw and free hand illustrations. I want to eventually move into graphic design. It will take a lot of studying and software but it’s long term goal of mine 🙂 I visited your business page. I love it! It’s so good to see us doing our thang lol You guys have a great brand. That’s awesome!

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