My Hair Day!

Yesterday i went to get my hair done at TexTuRas Salon in flatbush NY. My hairdresser Soneitha, she is amazing…she hooked my braids up. She’s great at what she does, she can do just about anything perms, cut, weaves, braids, color, wash, etc, you name it. She takes care and nurtures your hair to a healthy state, i gotta tell ya she has the magic fingers lol. If your passing through flatbush check her out at TexTuRas Salon, she can be reached here 718-954-1525.











4 responses to “My Hair Day!

  1. Edo, Edo, Edo, you are rocking your do beautifully. You work it girl. Thanks for everything. Your’re a very fun person to be of service to. Thanks Hun 😉

    • Thanks, it took about 6hrs…I wanted to do my whole hair in braids but just to cutoff some time I picked out a design for the back and single braids in the front. Braids r good in the summer…u don’t have to worry about much, u can even go swimming with it lol.

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