Korean Drama – A Hundred Years Inheritance

Yes i know…a black chick watching Asian soaps, but i gotta tell u it’s addictive. I was always into Japanese anime and getting involve with ComiCon events like every year. I started back up again with this interesting Korean Drama Called, A Hundred Years Inheritance…it has about 50 episodes already. I won’t be surprise if they made it 100 episodes, hence to the name of the title lol. It’s about a household that’s been running a noodle house for three generations, right now i’m on episode 6 and things are heating up…check out a preview. You can watch episode 1 at this link: http://www.dramacrazy.net/korean-drama/a-hundred-years-inheritance-episode-1/

Enjoy 🙂

New Hair Research Products

I’m all for natural ingredients…always on the look out for finding products to enhance the strength and healthiness to my hair. You can’t get any natural than this…100% organic ingredients, from hair care to skin care. Check it out…JustNatural Organic Care








Old Regimen


It’s been a minute since i’ve been on here lol…Happy Summer Everyone!!!!! It has been a year and 4 months since my big chop. I’m the one with the colorful look btw lol. Certain products changed and some still stayed. I haven’t been using Terressentials Mud Wash for a while now gave it a break…i’m a hair product junkie and i like to experiment on new stuff. Anyway as my hair started growing i have been doing a lot of research on Etsy and came across this awesome product called NaturelleGrow. All natural ingredients and doesn’t do any damage to your hair…check it out!!! For the winter i had my hair in weaves and braids as protective styles.

For the past year now I have been using these products on my hair:



ACV Rinse…for pre-pooing, removing build up, or PH balancing my scalp to eliminate itchy scalp

Cleanser (NaturelleGrow from Etsy)…I don’t use any sulfate shampoo that will strip natural oils and moisture to my hair. I tried all her cleansers but i mostly use the Coconut Cleanser Hair Cleanser, it gives me all the moisture i need since my hair sometimes gets dry.

Deep Conditioning (NaturelleGrow Tropic Isle Living and Oils)….This is the best part of my regimen because I get to add all these wonderful nutrients to my hair 🙂 I would add conditioner and oils (the last oil consists of Grapeseed Oil, Aloe Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Babbasu Oil, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sulfur), to my hair, throw on a shower cap to seal in the heat and leave it in for a whole day.

Styling ….for my two strand twist, bantu knots or perm rods i will use one of these products with the oil mix above

It’s a process of trying to get your hair feeling healthy, strong and looking good….but hey it’s worth it 🙂