15 responses to “My Hair Transitions

  1. @idoedo thanx for the love!
    Love this post and soooo many styles…amazing…..love the blond I was never that adventerous. Transitioning was a challenge…I dont want to say tough b/c it was all worth it.

  2. Thank you and yes i luv to be adventurous, especially when it comes to my hair πŸ™‚
    Like you said it’s true transitioning can be challenging and through all those challenges you come to experience a lot things about your hair

  3. Whoa! girl, you’ve been busy. It’s different seeing the snap shots. Loving the versatility. Gotta say, you can ROCK any hair. Love it!

  4. Edo I love the hair collage awesome. You hair transition has come full circle; from perms to curls, short to long you name it and you’ve rocked them all. You truly are an inspiration and are becoming the hair guru. I couldn’t be more prouder of how far you have come. I still remember them day’s when you used to test you various hair do’s on me. Lady nice job.

    • Thanks woman…it’s true i have done a lot of styles, weaves and coloring to my hair, so it’s been quite a journey lol. I need to come n visit you and check out what you and your hair has been up to lol

  5. OK my mom would look at this & say O lord I found my childs twin! LOL cuz I change my hair as much as you do!!! I love this post & makes me wanna do one so I can see themany changes of myself!! Beautiful HUN loves it!!!!

  6. I love pic 1/11. Very sexy. I will miss a different Edo very month but you are amazing no matter. Keep up the positive movements.

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